Nara_Lokesh_Yuva_Galam_Padayatra_Foot_BlistersPolitical mega walkathons challenge the mental and physical aspects of the main man. And now, Nara Lokesh has set out on a 4000-KM walkathon which is the biggest such event in Telugu states politics.

The latest news is that Lokesh was advised to halt his Yatra momentarily by the medical team. But he has decided to carry on with it.

Reportedly, Lokesh is identified to have developed blisters on his foot due to elongated walking stretches and the persisting weather conditions. The doctors advised him to take a brief layoff till the blisters are cured.

However, Lokesh has decided to fight through the pain and carry on with the Yatra. He is said to be braving the irritatingly painful foot blisters and continuing on his mega walkathon.

Lokesh had completed 700 kilometers on the Yatra till now and there’s a good 3300 KMs to go. Also, the Yatra was halted a couple of times during the sad passing of Tarakaratna. So, logistically, there isn’t much space for breaks now.

As it appears, this could be one of the reasons why Lokesh is continuing on the Yatra against the advise of the doctors.