Nara Lokesh ArrestedHigh tension prevailed in Guntur after TDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh tried to meet the family members of a B.Tech third-year student who was killed in broad daylight on Independence day. Police arrested Lokesh and took him to Prathipadu Police Station.

The former minister has been arrested for the first time in his political career. Along with Lokesh, TDP leaders Dhulipalla, Alapati Raja, and Nakka Anandababu were arrested. Other TDP leaders were shifted to the Nallapadam police station. Nakka Anandababu and Alapati Raja were mistreated by the police.

The former ministers were dragged away and arrested by the police. The party leaders condemned the arrest of the TDP leaders. These arrests have come as a big surprise and people have been questioning what is the problem of leaders reaching out to the victim’s family.

“If only the Government concentrated on women’s safety rather than trying to stop opposition leaders, such incidents can be easily prevented,” said senior journalist Revathi.