Nara Lokesh 2.0- Inspires Confidence in -CadreNara Lokesh has done some excellent work as the Minister in Chandrababu Naidu’s Government winning several awards even from the Central Government with which TDP does not have good terms. But then, all of that was overshadowed by his oratory skills and choosing the MLC route to become a Minister.

All those factors combined ensured that Lokesh loses his first election. But then, it did not take long for the young leader to emerge. Lokesh seems to be using the Lockdown break to the fullest. He shed oodles of weight and became a lot slimmer. His walk and postures now oozing confidence.

The other day, he addressed media on the occasion of the first year of Jagan. He improved a lot in his oratory skills and tried to touch all the topics from Government failures to cases on the social media supporters of Telugu Desam Party. He spoke like he is aware of every minor event of this one year which is really good.

Usually, after severe drubbing leaders tend to stay away from politics for a year or two and only wake up by the time of the next elections. He has a long way to go from here and four years in Opposition is a very long time. But then, one can say it is a good start by Lokesh and the cader is inspired.

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