Nandyal By-Election Bypoll - TDP Tears Apart YSR Congress into Bits and PiecesA by-election in the third year of any government is usually irrelevant, many expect the ruling party to win the elections hands down. But Opposition Leader, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy ensured that the by-election in Nandhyal is made into a do or die situation.

But then, what happened later can be termed as a death blow for the Opposition Party. TDP ended up with a sensational victory winning over YSR Congress by 27,456 votes. The Sensational Victory comes at a place where YSR Congres is said to be very strong.

The defeat is so humiliating that YSR Congress just managed a majority in one out of the 19 rounds. YSR Congress’ Strongholds, Nandhyal Rural and Gospadu also gave a clear edge to TDP’s Candidate. All this happened even after Jagan campaigning for 13 days in Nandhyal.

The repercussions of this defeat will not be easy. The cadre and leaders will lose confidence in the party just one and half years ahead of 2019 Elections. If Chandrababu combines it with Operation Akarsha, it will only spell doom for YSR Congress.