Bhuma-Brahmananda-ReddyTDP has scripted a historic win in Nandhyala By-election in 2017. But it was a comprehensive loss in the same constituency in 2019 even with the same candidate ( Bhuma Bramhananda Reddy).

Bhuma Bramhananda Reddy is also expecting the ticket for 2024. Former minister, MLC Farooq’s son Feroze is also an aspirant for this constituency.

The party leadership is holding cards closer to its chest and is not revealing who is going to be the candidate in 2024.

Both the leaders are leaving the ruling party and are conspiring against each other. They are making allegations on social media.

Feroze’s group is alleging that Bhuma sold councilor tickets in Municipal elections.

Brahmananda Reddy ignored Feroze for the constituency-level cluster meeting.

There are signs of anti-incumbency in the state but TDP is not in a position to cash it in the Nandhyala constituency.

Nandhyala is a stronghold of TDP since its inception. In the ten elections that happened here since TDP’s inception, the party won five times. Now, the party leaders are fighting among themselves and are helping the ruling party.