Nandhyala By-Elections - Who Are This Pulivendula RowdiesIn 2014, YS Vijayamma has contested from Vishakapatnam Parliamentary Constituency. Some People from Pulivendula have come to Vizag days before the polling to take care of Vijayamma’s Poll Management. The same thing is happening now in Nandhyal as well.

The locals in the constituency can see the outsiders clearly. TDP allege that Pulivendula Rowdies are at work for Jagan in such crucial elections. Political experts say people in Vizag trusted that and ensured that Vijayamma did not win the election.

These People are the trusted lieutenants of YSR Family who used to take care of Poll Management in Pulivendula. Usually, Parties who have strong organizational structure have people to take care of Poll Management in all the constituencies.

Jagan, however, is not keen on developing that structure in every constituency. Whenever there is an important election, he does not trust the local leaders and bring his own men from Pulivendula. But with that, the concept of Pulivendula Rowdies comes back.