YSR Congress won Kuppam MunicipalityYSR Congress has empathetically won Kuppam Municipality. Despite the best effort by TDP, the party could not sustain before YSR Congress’s money power, official machinery support, and Volunteer system. Furthermore, the fake voters from other areas became decisive.

And then, voters do not want to take a risk irking the Ruling party, especially with the elections three years to go. Keeping aside the reasons, it is a decisive victory for YSR Congress and the party would get an edge to taunt TDP. This would remind us Nandhyal by-election in 2017.

The ruling party’s advantage has ensured TDP’s victory in Nandhyal back then. It was supposed to be a forte of YSR Congress and bastion of Reddy community but TDP won it with a bumper majority. Apart from Nandhyal, we have seen TDP defeat Jagan’s uncle, YS Viveka in YSR Congress Bastion, Kadapa. The results are for all of us to see.

From there, we have seen TDP getting high on power. With that over-confidence, we have seen blunders after blunders. TDP lost both Nandhyal and Kadapa comprehensively in 2019. So, TDP would expect the same to happen with YSR Congress. The under-estimation would help TDP in 2024 just like how it happened to YSR Congress in 2019.

There are enough signs of anti-incumbency in Andhra Pradesh against the YSR Congress. It will only grow bigger as the elections are nearing. However, that will not naturally win the election for TDP. Its high time TDP leadership realize the importance of hitting the streets and fighting for the people.

TDP has a vibrant cadre and leadership. The problem is with the local leaders who needs to be activated to lead the groundlevel cadre. Chandrababu and Lokesh should frequently hit the streets on one name or other. Press conferences from Hyderabad and Amaravati and Social media battles will not win elections.