Balakrishna's Anna Canteen Completes 100 DaysMLA Nandamuri Balakrishna has inaugurated an Anna Canteen in his constituency on the occasion of NTR Jayanthi in May. The Canteen is feeding 100s of the Poor every day and has completed 100 days now.

Unlike other Anna Canteens, the food here is served only for Two Rupees (after NTR’s legendary 2 Rupees Kilo Rice Scheme).

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Balakrishna is funding this canteen which is serving tasty and hygienic food to the poor and the needy every day.

On the occasion of 100 days, the MLA has arranged Special Non-Vegetarian meals with Chicken and egg for the poor at the same cost of 2 Rupees.

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Balakrishna also launched ‘NTR Aarogya Radham’ to provide free medical services to the people of his constituency.

NTR Free Aarogya Radham readied at a cost of Rs.40 lakh will conduct more than 200 diagnostic tests, doctor’s consultations, maternal and child care, and health awareness seminars in the villages.

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Balayya is one of the very few TDP leaders who withstood the YSR Congress wave in the 2019 elections. He is only one of the three MLAs the party has in the Rayalaseema region. He has even managed to better his 2014 majority despite YSR Congress ensuring a massive campaign against him years before the election.

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