Chandrababu Naidu YS JaganTDP has greatly amped up the verbal attack on Jagan and his party men. Lokesh has turned aggressive against Jagan in his Padayatra. Now, the veteran Chandrababu is doing the same.

Chandrababu took part in a “Idem Kharma Manaku” program today and he breathed fire against Jagan.

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“This mad psycho chief minister has imposed 45 different types of taxes on the common public and he is now giving out stickers which say “Nuvve MAA nammakam jagananna”. Nuvvu Nammakam Kaadu… Nuvve maa daridram” Chandrababu said as he carried a fierce demeanour in the public meeting.

Naidu added that Andhra Pradesh went back 30 years due to the mad regime of Jagan and he called the public to bring down the Jagan government at all costs.

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What everyone needs to understand is that Jagan is implying that he’s giving Rs 10 to the public, but in reality he is looting back another Rs 50.

Naidu’s aggressive speech against Jagan drew cheers from the public who attended the meeting.

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