Mumbai_Vistara_Half_Naked_Italian_WomanInternational flights occasionally tend to host a bunch of strange individuals. Here’s one such story involving an Italian woman who wreaked havoc on a Vistara flight from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai.

A 45-year-old Italian woman boarded an Abu Dhabi-Mumbai flight on the 30th of January and created a whole lot of ruckus while onboard.

The woman started fighting with the cabin crew, saying she wants to sit in the business class compartment. She was enraged after the crew rejected her advancements and started to walk half-naked across the length of the flight. The crew tried to control her but couldn’t.

The pilot then issued the warning sign and shortly after the flight landed in Mumbai, where the woman was detained by Mumbai police for creating nuisance inside the flight and trying to inflict harm to fellow passengers.

A case has been filed and the woman in question will have to face the legal consequences for her acts