AP criteria elegible for special status

With the formation of new government in residual Andhra Pradesh, now the entire attention is on the future capital. Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu had a closed door meeting with the committee appointed by the Center over this issue. It is said that Chandra Babu have some plans for the state capital. The major problem for the capital will be land acquisition. So, Mr.Naidu wants to have as many as skyscrappers to be build so that the land requirement lowers.Also Seema Andhra region is a hub of fertile lands so, less the land requirement the better it will be.

One more important point in Naidu’s agenda is the greenery in the new capital. With the rise of real estate business, most capitals have become concrete jungles with building structures every where with out greenary. So, Chandra Babu wants to stress the need of planting trees from the day 1 in the state capital which will help the future generations from pollution and other problems. Chandra Babu in his previous terms has the history of encouraging greenary on a large scale and this time will be no different!