chandra babu naidu vs jaganYS Jagan Mohan Reddy, the leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh seem to be completely toothless after the election. The young leader is repeatedly failing to impress people and agitate them against the government. Already Jagan has failed in two anti-government programs and now when he is gearing up for the dharnas at collectorates on government not doing loan waiver, Chandrababu successfully outwitted him.

A day before Jagan’s dharnas, Andhra Pradesh government has announced a single time waiver of loans below 50000 and payment of loans above 50000 in installments. Chandrababu did not even leave the interest clause for Jagan and is paying interest till November 30th to all the loans up to 50000. For the remaining loans, government has announced to pay interest 10%.

So this announcement which came a day early to Jagan dharnas will only result in one more failure for Jagan in the first six months of opposition. He better learn Chandrababu is not an ordinary political to get bullied easily!