Chandrababu hesitates on new liquor policy!Andhra Pradesh government is rethinking on the introduction of government run liquor shops in the state. Such policy if replaced will bring 2000 Crore additional income to the government along with the eradication of belt shops and illegal liquor.

However if the employees in the government shops resort to malpractices then government will have to face the brunt of opposition parties and people. Also the current licensing system will expire by June-end, there are 3926 private shops in the state. The government feels that it will have to arrange 4300 shops and other infrastructure in this one and half months time which is difficult.

Considering all this, government may put the new liquor policy in back burner. Instead government may continue the existing system by covering up the loop holes. Final decision regarding this will be taken in the cabinet meeting on 23rd of this month.