chandrababu-hitech-speechAfter taking the office, for the first time AP Chief Minister Naidu went on a three day trip to Singapore to study the best approach for Capital and pitch in for the investments at the same time.

Naidu spent most of his time in back to back meetings yet managed to bring few laughs during his candid chat with Indians moved to Singapore and settled as Citizens. When a person who moved to Singapore twenty years ago asked Naidu why is it taking so long for politicians in India to free up the country from corruption. Naidu responded jokingly and said, If you come to Hyderabad you behave differently, now in Singapore you behave differently. This statement from Naidu set the room in big laughs. He further said, when Indians go to America and live there for long enough they become Americans by following law of the land and India too progressing in the same direction it’s just matter of time said Naidu.

Naidu explained how the last decade has been with corruption, inefficiency and policy paralysis. We are now back on track and I will make sure government works for public assured Naidu.