Chandrababu-naidu-selfieLate YSR was known for his magic with words. He always used to corner opposition with his talkative power. On Chandrababu, he always used to allege that Babu is an iron leg and whenever he comes to power, rain gods will desert the state. The severe drought conditions in the state in Babu’s regime also aided these allegations.

Further, rains greeted the state after Babu stepped down, and that aided the cheap allegations very much. However Babu had proved all those as rubbish. Earlier this week, Naidu went on Rayalaseema tour.

No sooner did Babu put his leg in Seema, it started raining cats and dogs due to the effect of monsoons. For the first time in the last few decades, few rivers in Anantapur district have seen flood and most reservoirs are over flowing. With this the bad remarks on Naidu are erased.