Naidu haters, making Balayya speech big issue!Amaravathi Bhoomi Pooja wasn’t a political event. It was a memorable and auspicious event which is like a foundation for our future aspirations to have a dream city where our future generations would be proud of living in such a city. Naidu strictly made it an event for farmers and Village Development Officers, who are behind the basic capital dreams.

TDP MPs, MLAs and many other big leaders were present for the event. Only Nirmala Seetharaman besides the CM, no one was given chance to speak on stage during the event because, it’s not the dias for such political show. However Naidu haters are circulating a false version of this fact and alleging that Naidu didn’t allow Balakrishna to speak inspite of popular choice from the public present.

Here Naidu gave importance to the people who were instrumenal in land pooling process. Instead of understanding the importance of involving farmers and VDOs, seems some morons are hell bent on twising everything to paint a false picture of Naidu and his actions. If Naidu had made it an event of political speeches including Balakrishna and others, even then they would have found fault in that. Clearly, it’s like ‘Mission Naidu Haters’.