Chandrababu naidu national influenceWhen there is a bribe related matter reached Naidu he took it very seriously and warned his own minister and passed strict instructions to stay away from such things. As per reports, minister Peethala Sujatha, mining minster received a jewel gift worth about Rs, 37 Lakhs by a mining group. When she opened the gift few TDP activists flashed their cell phone cams and sent pictures to Lokesh and Naidu.

Naidu had immediately called the minster and blasted her. He reportedly said “As a minister you shouldn’t indulge in these sort of things, this will give bad name to the party and others who are working hard for the people and for the party, Naidu told her.”

The lady minster explained Naidu that she doesn’t even know what is in the gift pack until she opened it at her house. But her explanation did not please Naidu as he hung up with a strict warning, says sources.