chandrababu naidu farmers promiseThe state government and CRDA already started paying the first year compensation to the farmers who gave their lands in land pooling in the notified capital villages. The second important promise to the farmers is the waiver of 1.5 Lakh per family in a single transaction. The single transaction loan waiver will be complete by 25th of this month.

Planning Commission Vice President Kutumba Rao will be in Thullur in the next three days to supervise the entire process. Government is implementing loan waiver in five equal transaction in five years for the rest of the state.

It is known that the government managed to pooling in about 32000 acres from the capital notified villages. The farmers will also get the ownership certificates for the promised developed land shares by the end of this year. On the other side, Singapore Experts team will be submitting the Master Plan of the capital towards the end of May or early June.