Nagarjuna Laid A Trap For Jagan!The ticket rate issue in Andhra has become a hot topic in the industry. The manner in which everyone is having his own opinion has made this a burning issue all over the media.

A few days back, Nagarjuna took things to the next level and shocked many when he said that he and his film, Bangarraju have absolutely no problem with the low ticket rates in AP.

Nagarjuna was trolled by the fans on social media. Today, he cleverly clarified that he planned Bangarraju’s budget seeing the ticket rates and he is not at a loss.

But the actual story is something else. Nag pretty well knew from Chiranjeevi that the latter had an appointment with the AP CM YS Jagan and that is the reason he way cleverly laid a trap and made positive statements that will go well with YCP.

In the interviews yesterday, the media also asked Nag that YS Jagan is also favoring him by changing the date of the night curfew in AP so that his film can have a long run and grab the festive advantage. But Nag denied the rumor and sidelined it.

Finally, all this has come clear as Chiranjeevi met YS Jagan and said that the government will surely come out with a positive result of the GO in the days to come and no one should talk about it until that happens.

All this only shows that Nag was very clear that things will work in their favor and he had made ground ready for Chiru to go and meet Jagan and get a favorable result for the ticket price issue.