Nagari: Politics Changed After Roja Becomes MinisterGali Bhanu Prakash is the son of TDP Senior leader, Gali Muddu Krishnama Naidu.

Muddu has won six times from the constituency and is also known for his oratory skills.

After his demise, his son, Bhanu Prakash was made his heir and he unsuccessfully contested from Nagari in 2019. Unlike his father, Bhanu is known to be silent.

After 2019, he became even silent. Even though he is accessible to the cadre, the lack of oratory skills is always a concern. All of sudden, Bhanu Prakash has become active.

He is also making sharp comments on Minister Roja.

Bhanu lost the 2019 elections with a slender margin of 3000+ votes.

He was initially complacent thinking Roja is facing a rift within the party and 2024 will be a cakewalk for him anyway. But Roja becoming a minister has come as a shock for him.

Being a minister, Roja will have an advantage in the elections.

So, Bhanu Prakash has become active and is trying to motivate the cadre as well. TDP is taking this as a positive sign.

Interestingly, there are reports that Roja is busy touring the entire state and is ignoring her own constituency after becoming a minister.