Nagababu Wants to Set a Standard for MPs

Nagababu-Wants-to-Set-a-Standard-for-MPsNaga Babu vouched that his brother is so selfless that Pawan Kalyan can even remove his shirt and donate. Coming to Naga Babu himself, if he wants to set a standard for the Members of Parliament, then, one must definitely welcome that idea of the mega brother. There must definitely be a people’s representative who would be a torch-bearer for the coming generations. So, what must be the plan for becoming the special one who can set a standard?

In the latest press meet, Naga Babu was found counting the chicken before the eggs hatch. He made an elaborate speech talking about the alleged corruption of the past MPs and how he would like to expose them after he comes to power. His intention is good but doesn’t that need something like chalking out a viable plan on how he can help the people and work towards the betterment of their lives?

Even if we ignore his galore of allegations on the previous MPs of AP, the language he used was a bit not to the standards of a person who wants to become a people’s representative. He kept repeating the phrases ‘Nee Bondha’ and ‘Naa Bondha’ throughout his conversation. Well, old habits seldom die easily. Coming to his political promises, Naga Babu said that he would form a commission to look into the misuse of the funds by the earlier people’s representatives. Hmm, let’s see.

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