Nagababu Lets Down Janasena At The Right Time!Mega Brother Nagababu contested for Narasapuram Parliament on Janasena ticket and had to satisfy with the third position. He has disappeared after that from politics and the Janasena party. In a media interview, he revealed that he has no interest whatsoever in politics and will not be contesting in 2024.

“But Pawan Kalyan is a good man and I will support him. Two to Three months before the notification of the next elections, I will campaign for the Janasena party to the level of my face value,” Nagababu revealed. Narasapuram is likely to go for a by-election if Raghu Rama Krishna Raju resigns or is disqualified.

That means Janasena will not have a candidate for this election. “Janasena did not do much in the constituency after the 2019 defeat. Nagababu is his best bet due to his film glamour and community support. Even if he does not win, he will give respectable numbers. Nagababu saying not interested will be a disappointment,” political experts say.

Janasena may altogether skip contesting the election and support Raghu Rama Krishna Raju.