Nagababu-Can-Only-Be-a-Liability-for-JanasenaIn an interview to senior journalist Prabhu, Mega Brother Nagababu courted a controversy saying that he has never heard of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s name. People say this is in retaliation to Balakrishna’s earlier comments that he does not know Pawan Kalyan. Although Nandamuri and Konidela families are arch rivals politically, they maintain good relations off the screen.

Recently, Pawan Kalyan has been making political comments on Balayya for the last couple of months. Nagababu seems to be continuing. But then, this seems to be totally unnecessary for Nagababu as it will only bring bad blood between both the families off the screens as well. Pawan Kalyan and Balayya taking on each other is understandable as they are in Politics.

Further, it is better for Janasena not to have the influence or the support of Mega family as it will only rekindle the memories of Praja Rajyam Party to the supporters as well as the common voters. Pawan is keeping Chiranjeevi away from the party for the sole reason and Nagababu’s involvement can only a liability.