Nagababu Calls Godse A True Desh BhaktThere is a section in BJP that admires Nathuram Godse who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi. They call him a patriot and at the same time, admonish Gandhi saying that he followed blind secularism which led to the creation of Pakistan. Janasena, the new ally of BJP seems to follow the same.

On the occasion of Godse Birthday today, Nagababu took to Twitter and called him a True Desh Bhakt. He went on to say that if killing Gandhi is good or not is debatable and the media back then portrayed him in a bad light at the behest of the then, Ruling Party (Congress).

He sympathized with Godse saying that he killed Gandhi even though he knew he would get a bad name. “I wanted to remember him once on his Birthday. He is a true patriot. I pity him. May his soul rest in peace,” Nagababu tweeted. It is shocking that Nagababu who is a Senior Leader of Janasena appreciates the murderer of a national figure.

Forget about Gandhi’s assassination, no one could kill others for any reason and any responsible citizen or political leader can not endorse it. These tweets are already inviting strong criticism on Social Media and there are demands that Nagababu should take back them and Janasena Party should apologize for it.