Andhra-pradesh-employeesDasara season is here but the woes of the Government employees in Andhra Pradesh is never ending. The salaries and pensions for the retired did not get credited yet.

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So far only 24-30% of the salaries have been credited. Dasara being a big festival, employees and pensioners are left with nothing to celebrate.

They are comparing the situation to Chandrababu’s term when they used to get salaries latest by 31st or 1st.

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In 2017, during Dasara, the then Chandrababu’s government even went an extra mile and deposited advance salaries for the employees even though the Salary date is much longer.

The employees are lamenting about their plight comparing the Nadu-Nedu scenario.

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The other day, Andhra Pradesh Government has taken a loan of 2000 Crore from RBI’s Securities auction. Even then, the amount is not used for paying salaries as the Government prioritizes the spending on welfare schemes.