Nadendla Manohar: A Punching Bag For Janasainiks!Janasena just managed to win a single seat in 2019 elections with Pawan Kalyan himself losing from both the seats he contested. So, 2024 election is going to be extremely crucial for Janasena.

Janasena did not contest in any By-election after 2019 and so no one can be sure if the party improved after that. It is not easy for a regional party to survive two elections without being in power.

A few days ago, Pawan Kalyan expressed his displeasure over BJP and hinted at allying with TDP if needed. BJP which neglected Pawan Kalyan for long time finally got Prime Minister Narendra Modi to meet the Janasenani to pacify him.

Immediately after the meeting, BJP announced that Pawan Kalyan will not ally with TDP and will go with BJP only.

But then, Janasena’s Number Two Nadendla Manohar refuted it and clarified that they do not endorse the statement of Somu Veerraju and will take appropriate decision about alliances at an appropriate time.

A section of Janasena supporters who oppose TDP due to film and caste rivalry are firing guns on Manohar. Some even call him caste fanatic and TDP agent even though Manohar comes from a family that betrayed NT Ramarao and Manohar himself is a Congress man all his life.

More than anything else, Pawan Kalyan trusts Manohar and made him number two in the party yet the party supporters do not trust him.