Mysoora Reddy underestimating Jagan and Chandrababu?Senior Leader and Former MP Mysoora Reddy has confirmed quitting YSR Congress. Mysoora did not announce before the media but reportedly told to some media personnel behind the scenes not to address him as YSR Congress Leader and he is no longer associated with the party now. At the same time, Mysoora did not also confirm joining Telugu Desam Party immediately.

“I have so much of work before the next elections. I will be taking a decision before next elections. I can not tell anything about joining TDP. Anything can happen in politics. Can not comment about it now! I may even join back YSR Congress basing on the situation then,” Mysoora said.

So if TDP retains its wave for 2019 election, Mysoora will join the party. If Jagan’s party manages to make a mark on the people, Mysoora will be back to Jagan as any ways he did not make any official statement about quitting the party. So, the senior leader is basically hoping to be on the winning side for the next elections. But such a safe game works in politics?