My-Daughter-Kavitha-Blackmailed-To-Change-Party-KCRNot so long ago, there were several reports pertaining to Delhi Liquor Scam. It was extensively reported that several high-profile names are linked with the scam. It was also heard that Telangana CM KCR’s daughter, Kavitha’s name is also involved with the same.

Cut to now, KCR has made a very interesting statement in this context as he addressed the media in Hyderabad today.

“My daughter Kavitha was blackmailed to change the party. This is the heights of power abuse they(BJP) are doing. My note to TRS leaders is hit back when they attack you in the name of ED raids” KCR said.

KCR added that there are just 10 more months to go for the elections in Telangana and it is time for TRS MLAs and MPs start preparing for the same. He also confirmed that there will be no change in MLA tickets issuance this time and the old candidates will be given the tickets this time as well.

KCR’s comment about Kavitha being blackmailed to change party appears to be in the contest of the Delhi liquor scam. He has also spoken about the recent ED raids on a couple of TRS MPs.