Murder Attempt on Youth An unidentified youth had been attacked on Sunday morning just as he stepped out of a mall in Punjagutta near the metro station. About 20 people attacked him and dragged him into a car and trashed him and tried to kill him with the weapons they carried.

However, the young man was lucky as those who were witnessing the incident did not keep quiet and raised an alarm. Also, they tried to grab the boy before the assailants could kill him. According to locals, they informed the Punjagutta police station immediately.

But the ground report is that the police did not respond immediately and came in later. Meanwhile, those who gathered around the car shifted the youth to a hospital.

The abduction and assault attempt is not the first in the city. Only a couple of days back, a similar incident happened in Miyapur and the public is wondering as to what the police of the city is up to despite making tall claims about law and order.

This is a developing story and so details are awaited on the Punjagutta incident.