MLC_Ananth_BabuIt is now to our readers that YSR Congress MLC Ananth Babu has been jailed in Rajamundry Central Jail for murdering his former driver. This incident has become a sensation across the state.

Eenadu had published a story about how the MLC got into a tussle with one of his co-prisoners in the jail. The story also mentions that there is VIP treatment for the MLC in the jail.

While three prisoners were put in cell, Ananth Babu got a room for himself. He is allowed food from outside. He also got a mattress to sleep on.

According to the rule, only family members can meet him but many YSR Congress leaders are meeting him. One MLA also met him in the jail.

The MLC is getting to talk to anyone he wants from the mobile phones of the visitors.

Incidentally, YSR Congress had suspended Ananth Babu from the party and it looks like that is mere optics.