Munugode Counting: Crucial Result In Few HoursThe Munugode by-election saga will finally come to an end in a few hours from now with the counting to be held today. The TRS and BJP have done everything they can to gain the upper hand in the election and whether or not they are successful in the process will be determined in just a few hours.

Manugode has recorded a record 93.13% polling which is the highest ever in the electoral history of the constituency. A whopping 35,000 votes were reportedly polled in the last 3 hours which a few believe will be the deciding factor in the electoral result.

The counting will begin at 8 AM today while the strong rooms will be opened at 7:30 AM. A total of 638 postal ballot votes were polled and they will be counted first.

The counting will be held in 15 rounds and a total of 298 polling stations are involved with the same. A trend might emerge after a few initial rounds making every round, right from the first one all the more interesting.

Manugode is seen as the semi-finals for the forthcoming 2023 Telangana elections and whichever party wins the bypoll will go confidently to the elections, saying the Telangana public is on their side. We are just a few hours away from determining which party will raise the collar.