Munugode Election: Rs 1000+ CrThe keenly anticipated Munugode by elections are not too far from now and the political landscape is getting heated up already. The ruling party, TRS and BJP are looking to have a go at each other in the by election saga.

As per reports, over Rs 1000 crores will be spent by the political parties in Munugode and this could be a conservative number going by the political trend here.

There’s a notion that whoever wins Mungode will have an upper hand in the forthcoming general elections as this will reflect the mood of Telangana voters. So, all the parties are eager to stake their claim.

It is reported that local level small time party Karyakartas itself are getting paid around Rs 30,000 to switch parties. Needless to say, the voters could be pocketing quite handsomely as well. The election freebies will add to the spending list.

All things considered, Munugode by election could be a Rs 1000 crore affair, which will make it the costliest election in the history of the Telugu states, albeit with unofficial figures.

Usually, we see such high stakes and financially astounding election campaigns in Andhra Pradesh. But Munugode is witnessing unprecedented circumstances as it enters the election mood.