Muncipolls Tension for Parties!

Municipality Elections which have been postponing for the last 3 years came at a time when no political party actually want it. The elections which are happening just days before the Assembly elections will take a heavy toll on cadre and leaders of all parties physically and financially. Municipal elections will take place in about 170 constituencies both in Telangana and Seema Andhra. However these elections can not be ignored as they will be taken as Semi Finals for the upcoming big stage polls. The results in this polls will be seen as a survey report for the Assembly elections.

Things will not be easy even for the winners of these elections. The elected representatives have to be protected till Chairman, Vice Chairman, Mayor, Deputy Mayor are elected on April 7th. Parties will also face an uphill task of pacifying members who are not given a chance in this poll. If some of the disappointed work against the parties it will also have an adverse effect on Assembly elections too. Lets see how parties manage this mess!