Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu who was once called Hitech Babu seem to have gone sentimental these days. He is believing more on muhurthams these days like never before. Starting from his swearing-in ceremony to the now capital announcement every thing had a muhurtham. The capital was supposed to be announced on Tuesday but Chandra Babu was taken back as Tuesday Ashtami is not considered as an auspicious day.

Famous Pandit Srinivas Ghargeya had set a muhurtham on Thursday for the capital announcement. Chandra Babu will announce the capital exactly at 12.17 in the afternoon of Thursday. Media reports suggest that Mangalagiri is the first choice for the capital. However if the local farmers there do not agree for the land acquisition formula suggested by the government, then government may opt to Nuzivid where there are abundant government lands available.