Mudragada, fast, Mudragada Padmanabham, Kapu, Kapu reservation, Kapu agitation, tuni voilence, court, TDP, bail, chnadrababu naidu, arrestKapu activist Mudragada Padmanabham seem to be keen on instigating tension in Godavari districts. The Kapu Strongman successfully blackmailed the government to make sure those involved in Tuni arson case get released. Mudragada do not want to stop there. After reaching Kirlampudi, Mudragada called for a pressmeet and tried to instigate tension once again.

Mudragada went on to say government captured him in the government hospital with out any access to outside. He went on to say that Police insulted his family members with abusive words during the arrest that day. This is despite the fact government already said that it will take action if it is true. Mudragada tried to instigate his caste people saying that he and his family will not celebrate any festival until those insulted his family will be taught a lesson.

TDP leaders say Mudragada sounded like he wants his men to come on streets and create tension, repeating abusive words again and again. They say Mudragada is cursed the government, making indirect comments on the Chief Minister, even though after repeatedly confirming that the government is committed to Kapu Reservations. In this process, he also satisfied the leaders who supported him politically, they allege.