Mudragada KCR, Mudragada KCR Deeksha, Ambati on Mudragada KCR, Kapu Mudragada KCR, Kapu Strongman Mudragada KCR, Ambati comments on MudragadaAfter trying all the tricks in trade to corner the ruling Telugu Desam Party, YSR Congress seem to be banking on Mudragada Padmanabham to bring disdain to the government. Senior Leader Ambati Rambabu visited Mudragada this morning in Kirlampudi to express his and his party’s support and solidarity to the Kapu Strongman.

Ambati on this occasion, termed Mudragada’s Deeksha as greatest victory of all time in the history of the nation. He went on to say any one would have stopped the Deeksha when shifted to hospital but Mudragada held his nerve for 14 long days, until all his followers were released from jail.

Ambati seem to have ignored KCR’s Deeksha which later led to the bifurcation of the Telugu race and the state. We shall give him a benefit of doubt here, Ambati’s memory could not accomodate about Poti Sree Ramulu who scarificed his life with a stern Deeksha.