Mudragada, Lagudu Srinu, YSR congress, Tuni Violence Case, Kotanandhuru, Kapu deeksha, kapu agitation, kapu reservation,Ten out of thirteen arrested in Tuni Violence Case have managed to get bail and eight of them are already out as well. However Mudragada Padmanabham is refusing to call off his Deeksha until all thirteen of them gets bail and are brought before him. However Mudragada is mainly stubborn for one guy, Lagudu Srinu.

Lagudu Srinu is a YSR Congress leader from Kotanandhuru. He reportedly master-minded the violence that erupted that day. He is given to AP CID custody by the court. Mudragada is worried that the investigation may lead to more problems for his men and will also unearth about the hidden hands behind the violence that day.

So, Mudragada is exerting as much as pressure as possible to bring him out as soon as possible. The bail petition of the remaining will be heard tomorrow in Pitapuram Court. It is expected that they may get bail and Mudragada will end his Deeksha. Already Mudragada’s son and daughter-in-law ended their deeksha and are shifted to Vishakapatnam for better treatment.