Mudhragada Padmanabham threatens with pesticideKapu Activist Mudragada Padmanabham is resisting his arrest. As the local police entered his house and tried to arrest, Mudhragada threatened them of suicide by drinking a Pesticide. He served them an ultimatum that he can not be arrested with out proper reason and evidences. Even if arrested, he announced that he will continue his Deeksha in jail.

3000 Police men were deployed in Kirlampudi, the village of Mudragada. Additional forces were deployed in East Godavari district so as to avoid any untoward incident. As many as 76 cases were registered in relation to Tuni Violence and Mudragada is A-1 in majority of those cases. Mudragada is demanding that all the cases pertaining to vandalism on that day are to be cancelled.

It is totally disturbing to see a cause taking side turn. Even Kapu people are not happy with what Mudhragada is trying here. They feel Caste sentiment is being used to escape from the law even after bringing nation wide shame to the state by burning a train. TDP leaders say an invisible hand is motivating Mudragada to make sure Kapu people distance from the ruling party.