mudragada padmanabham instabilityPolice have finally managed to arrest Kapu activist Mudragada Padmanabham. Police are trying to arrest the Kapu strongman since morning but he is not co-operating. At one stage, he even threatened to consume Pesticide and threatened Police with a Pesticide bottle in hand if they come inside.

Mudragada’s followers tried their best to stop the arrest but finally Police arrested him breaking the doors of his house. They have also taken in to custody some of his key followers as well. The other followers are now staging a protest demanding his release. Police have also resorted Lathi Charge on followers trying to evade the arrest.

Mudragada and his family have sit for Deeksha this morning demanding the release of those arrested in relation to Tuni violence. The government already announced that there is no chance of withdrawing the cases and law will take its own course. Entire East Godavari district is brought under strict Police vigil to make sure no untoward incident happened.