Andhra pradesh - media -OB-Van-pressHaving no Andhra Pradesh based media became a disadvantage of sort for the state after the bifurcation. People of the state believe, Hyderabad based media is not protecting the state interests as much as they would like. However that disadvantage had helped the state to some extent now.

Hyderabad based media houses have no resources to reach out the remote places of East Godavari where the Kapu Reservations issue is going on. When Telangana agitation is at its peaks, media houses gave the movement extensive coverage and that coverage blowed the issue out of proportions and also played significant role in bifurcation.

While the result of bifurcation is different for each side, AP people opine that it did not help them. They feel if Mudragada issue got as much as coverage as Telangana Agitation, then it would have created lawlessness in the state. Government’s restriction on coverage and channels not having resources prevented it.