Telugu-Indians-FightingFollowing a highly disgraceful street fight involving a group of Telugu individuals tearing their shirts and engaging in an open brawl, numerous rumors have surfaced on social media.

While some speculate that it occurred in Dallaspuram, a nickname for Desi adda Dallas, where the recent NATA convention took place, we can confirm that this did not happen in Dallas.

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The street fight actually took place in Naperville, Illinois during a Jammers live band event. According to unconfirmed sources, the fight erupted due to verbal abuses exchanged between organizers and Masters students. However, we cannot confirm who initiated the fight and who gets the blame and the reason.

When videos like these go viral, a certain section of the media tries to associate it with TDP, just as they did recently during a clash between Chiru and YSRCP’s supporters who forced the DJ to play party songs. This cunning media falsely attributed it to TDP/Balayya and supporters, spreading the narrative of a political caste fight. However, this time the truth has come out before they could fabricate such stories.

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While street fights may be common in India, it is very important for Telugu folks, including students, to maintain their dignity. Incidents like these cast a shameful image on the entire Telugu community, especially considering that the majority Telugu immigrants lead professional lives in the U.S.

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