Andhra Pradesh-MPTC ZPTC ElectionsThe MPTC, ZPTC election results are tickling after a long delay in the counting due to a legal issue. The elections have happened in April. The elections are marred by huge violence back then and the principal opposition, Telugu Desam Party has boycotted the election as a mark of protest.

Some of the candidates, however, still went on and contested the election defying the party leadership. However, the party leadership did not campaign. As a result, the ruling party is cruising to a big victory. Despite boycotting the election, the candidates who defied the party still kept TDP in second place.

Janasena and BJP combine came third struggling even to win a quarter of what TDP managed. The Ruling Party is relieved that all local elections have been completed. The Government has seen a sudden surge of anti-incumbency right after the local elections due to various reasons. The ruling party leaders in private admit they are lucky not to face the elections now.

At the same time, the Opposition is ruing a missed opportunity.