MPTC and ZPTC elections on April 6th!
Looks like Andhra Pradesh people will be voting for MPTC and ZPTC elections well before the general elections. As per the indications we have the election is going to be held on April 6th, the Sunday. In the wake of exams for students in the state, the election commission is opting for this date. 16589 MPTCs and 1096 ZPTCs will go for elections in the single phase and on the same day.Ballot paper will be used for these elections as EVMs are not available due to General and Muncipal elections.

It is known that Supreme court had warned the state government and election commission to release the notification for these elections by Monday or face action under the contempt of the court. The notification will be issued on Monday and will be reported to the Supreme Court. This will be the third election in the next two months for Andhra People. The term of MPTCs and ZPTCs expired a long ago but since Congress is weak in the state, government had been postponing them but the election now became inevitable due to Supreme Court’s intervention.