Indian Patel Man Little did Pritesh ‘Peter’ Patel know that moving to Dauphin County would mean the end of his life. Pritesh, who spent 26 years of his life nurturing his family, recently moved to Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, US, and it looks like it was destiny that led him to death.

The 39-year-old was about to start a new job when he was hit by a car in Swatara Township and died days later in the hospital surrounded by his immediate family. He had gone to Walmart on a fateful day and was crossing north across Route 322 toward Walmart when an eastbound vehicle hit him. Pritesh was on an e-bike at the time of the accident.

Though there was a green light for eastbound traffic, the accident occurred, and the driver of the other car stayed back at the incident and is helping in the investigation.

Pritesh was kept alive on machines for a couple of days before he passed away surrounded by family.