YS_Jagan_Mohan_Reddy_Most_Genuine_Survey.jpgNo survey can be foolproof. Surveys with the biggest sample sizes can also struggle to catch the pulse of the voters. So, no survey is genuine.

But what is the real indication of the mood of the public?

Just before the elections, the public sends signals to the rulers about their mood.

YSR Congress is getting those indications through the Gadapa Gadapaku program and the party’s constituency-level meetings.

The MLAs are facing heat from the common people as they heap their problems and make the legislators struggle for words. We see at least 2-3 such incidents daily.

Many MLAs as a result shy away from the Gadapa Gadapaku program.

It is the turn of the leaders and the party activists in Plenary meetings.

We have seen MLAs, the public representatives, and other leaders along with the cadre actively lamenting about delays in bills, no funds, lack of basic amenities, etc.

Along with these two indications, we can see senior leaders like Balineni and Kotamreddy openly talking about the problems within the party.

These indications are more genuine than any other survey.

It is up to Jagan to stay in the illusion that freebies can get him another term.