Most Cannabis Caught In India: AP On TopAndhra Pradesh has topped a rather unwanted list. As per the latest report from the Narcotics Control Bureau, the highest quantity of cannabis seized in the country has been caught in Andhra Pradesh.

As per a report from Eenadu, the NCB has announced that Andhra Pradesh has reported the highest quantity of cannabis seized in all across the country.

A total of 2,00,588 kilos of cannabis was seized in Andhra Pradesh in 2021. This is more than 25% of the total cannabis that has been seized in India in all of 2021 – 7,49,761 kilos.

Not just cannabis, other products related to this hallucination drug like Hashish(18.14 kilos) and Hashish Oil (6.13 litres) were seized in AP last year.

In Telangana, 35,270 kilos of Cannabis was caught in 2021. And also 31 LSG blots were caught here.

Andhra Pradesh has comprehensively topped the list of the states with highest cannabis seizure in all of India and this is not something to be proud of.