More Evidence Against Kadapa MP In Viveka Case?It looks like the noose is tightening on Kadapa MP YS Avinash Reddy in YS Viveka‘s murder case. Sankaraiah who was the CI when the murder happened also testified against the MP in his statement to the CBI. He mentioned that Avinash called him mentioned that Viveka passed away due to a Cardiac arrest.

“Seeing the injury on head and blood marks in bedroom and bathroom, I argued them it is not cardiac arrest. Erra Gangireddy and Devireddy Shankar Reddy warned me of severe consequences if I make any noise. They cleared all the evidence despite my resistance,” the CI said.

“Avinash Reddy’s father took total control of the crime scene. He locked the door and only allowed Avinash occasionally. Staff belonging to Raja Reddy hospital and Gangireddy hospital (CM Jagan’s wife Bharathi’s father’s hospital) tried to stitch the injuries to hide them,” he added.

“The plan is to place the body in a freezer box and keep flowers on the injuries. Avinash Reddy said no to any case. But since I insisted Viveka’s PA gave a complaint,” the CI said in his statement as revealed by Andhrajyothy Newspaper. There are rumors that CBI may resort to arrests of some big heads in a week or so.