More dents to Telangana JAC, Kodandaram, KCR, TRS, JAC, Telangana governmentLooks like the ruling party is keen on diminishing Telangana JAC headed by Kodandaram. It is emerging that the associations in the JAC are coming out one after the other under the pressure of the government. We have already seen Telangana Employees JAC walking out of the JAC and now another JAC followed the same route.

Telangana Teachers JAC announced quitting of the political JAC the other day. Teachers JAC is the second biggest JAC in Political JAC. We are said that the ruling party is not at all happy with the way Kodandaram steering anti-government movement and is criticizing the government as and when possible.

However Kodandaram announced that nothing can bog down JAC from fighting for the people. Since Kodandaram has considerable good will in people for his active participation in Telangana government, KCR do not want to take a chance by making him a political force. Lets see if Telangana JAC can withstand KCR’s political might.