More Conditions, Polavaram To Get Delayed FurtherThe central government has added another roadblock for the construction of the Polavaram project. The central government insisted that the state once again conduct a social and economic survey.

The Union Minister of Jal Shakti has given a written reply to a question posed by AP MPs in the Lok Sabha.

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The Ministry has made it mandatory that a DPR should be prepared on the distributary network.

The Center also reconfirmed that it is currently responsible for the construction of Polavaram only to the tune of Rs 15,668 crore.

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“The expenditure incurred by the state government till February 2022 is Rs 14,336 crore. The state government has reimbursed ₹ 12,311 crores. The Polavaram Authority has sent bills for Rs 437 crore”, the ministry said.

The Minister also said that the Central Government has asked the state government to set a deadline for when the project will be completed.

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Polavaram construction is likely to be further delayed with these new regulations by the central government.