Money-Heist-Narendra-Modi-HyderabadPrime Minister Narendra Modi will be reaching Hyderabad on the 2nd of July to meet with the local BJP leaders. Traffic diversions and other customary norms are already in place for Modi’s Hyderabad visit.

Here is an interesting snap of a cut-out in the context of Modi’s Hyderabad tour, as shared by a TRS supporter on social media.

In the said cut-out, the Money Heist show and its theme are used to sarcastically mock Prime Minister Modi. “We(Money Heist) only rob banks. Mr. N Modi, you rob the whole nation.” The cut-out reads.

In wake of Modi’s visit to Hyderabad, this cut-out is catching the attention and this snap is going viral already.

Understandably, BJP troops are infuriated with the cut-out as they suspect TRS leaders’ hand in it. They are warning TRS of consequences in the near future.